Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finally got my kitchen

So I finally got my range! I am so excited (almost as excited I was when I got my new refrigerator). We were waiting for the friends and family at Sears to take advantage of an extra 10% off. Well, I had checked consumer reports and this one was ranked very high (2nd). And the kicker for me was it has 5 burners, which I am very excited about having a holiday over here so I can utilitze all 5 at once.

And then a few weeks ago, our new refrigerator came. I researched this one as well on consumer reports and the Whirlpool Gold refrigerators got very good reviews. And so far I love it! I didn't need the water dispenser (we have a Brita that works just fine for me) and I didn't want it to take up any food space. We had a really small fridge at our last house, so I wanted the biggest one I could get in the space. I also wanted an Energy Star fridge and I read a few articles on it, and it said that you need to get one less than 25 cubic feet to really be energy efficient. So our's is 24.8 cubic feet. :)

So my kitchen is finally complete. We are hooking up the grill today hopefully. We have a gas grill and hook the grill up directly to the gas line so we don't have to worry about a gas tank. Yep, that's the perk you get when your dad is a mechanical engineer. :) I am hoping to make some salmon burgers on Friday. New recipe from my Cooking Light mag that I just got. And wild caught salmon is on sale this week, so double score. Adam is not a fan of salmon, so I will have to remember to pick up some ground turkey for him.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finally getting my workouts back

Well we still have a lot to do around the house, but I am finally able to get some real workouts in. Here is what I accomplished last week:

Monday - Ran 4 miles with jogging stroller

Tuesday - 70 minutes Yoga X

Wednesday - Ran 4 miles (treadmill)

Thursday - 1.5 hours tennis (practice)

Friday - Ran 4 miles with jogging stroller

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - Played singles tennis match (1.75 hours, and I won!)

My new neighborhood is very hilly so 4 miles with the jogging stroller is a lot harder than my last neighborhood. My legs are definitely feeling it. Also, playing tennis in the middle of the day when it's 95 degrees may seem a little crazy, but actually, I love it. The heat does not bother me as much as it does most people, so I know I have an advantage.

My next race coming up is the Peachtree Road Race (10k). I don't feel like I am in great shape since I took so much time off for moving, but I think if I can keep up this schedule and with all the tennis I have recently added, I might have a decent time. We will see though. I do have to travel for business in a couple of weeks, which used to be a good thing because I could workout every morning before my day started. This time is different though. Little Miss Hope is coming with me. :) Along with some assistance from family. I have to travel the entire week, and Adam wasn't sure he could tackle working and watching Hope for that long. Also, Hope has gotten extremely clingy with me so I am not sure what she would do if I was actually gone for the whole week. So when I am not in a meeting I will have Hope and no jogging stroller. I am not sure how many workouts I am going to get in, so we will see. Although, it could be a good taper time for me.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Looking for a treadmill for new home

I'm back! We have been in our house for about 10 days now and things are starting to look a little better. One thing we haven't tackled yet is the office/gym room. Of course, it's a not a room we need right away (like the kitchen or the bedroom), but I am excited about having a bigger house so we could have some room for workout equipment. Now I have never bought a treadmill, so I don't know what to look for exactly. All I know is that it is going to be used for running (not much walking on it) and we don't need one with a lot of bells and whistles. We would prefer a folding one just be more compact, but other than that, I don't know what to look for. I have no idea on brands or anything. If you have any advice, I am all ears.

On another note, I did my first 2 runs in the new neighborhood with Hope last week. Wow, it's a hilly neighborhood!!! It will be nice to have a change of scenery and will definitely help get me back into shape (didn't do much running while I was moving over the past 5 weeks).