Saturday, October 1, 2011

Last scheduled run before the big day

So I ran my 3 miles on Friday and only missed one run this week (work and lack of sleep are to blame).  I am not feeling great about the race, but I am excited to be getting out there. I had planned on running a race in Aug and Sept but I got sick in Aug and my lack of sleep made it hard for me to get out of the house early to race. Picked up my race number today. Not much there other than some shirts for sale. I had both kiddos so I just grabbed my Number and headed out (we had just come from Home Depot Crafts, Hope made a helicopter).

I have never run a half this unprepared. I did not get all my training runs, and I have not slept a full night's sleep in 6 1/2 months. My legs had a hard time recovering from long runs because I can't sleep more than 2 1/2 hours at a time. Should be interesting.

I am a competitive person but I am going to try and go out there and treat it as a nice long solo run. I have a new mix on my iPod and the weather will be cool (43 degrees at the start). I hope that will be enough to keep me loose. I set my Garmin virtual partner for 8:23 min pace, which would have me finish just under 1:50:00. Not a PR by any means but I would find that respectable. We will see how respectable I do tomorrow.

Also, just as I finish my race, my poor hubs will be taking the patent bar (9am-4pm). So if you are going to pray for anything, pray for him to pass. That is more I portent then my little race.

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  1. best of luck to your husband and you. i think you have a great attitude re; the race. have fun!