Monday, April 30, 2012

Race Recap - The Publix Half Marathon

OMG!  I am so sorry that I haven't been blogging much lately.  I have been very busy, and I am trying to detach myself from technology more, which is good for my kids, but bad for the blog world.  I have been in the kitchen more and doing more with my kids so it's been great.  I have also been logging about 20 miles a week running and getting in some cross-training.  My tennis team just made the playoffs so we start that next weekend.  The little guy is still waking up a lot during the night so we are trying to work on that right now.  Hubs goes in more at night and less of me, so we are hoping the little guy will figure it out sooner than later.  We are on Day 3 of that.  The little guy is still nursing as well, but only 2-3 times a day, so I have a lot more freedom.  He is showing zero signs of being ready to wean so we are going to just stick with it for a while I guess. 

So finally, my last race was the Publix Half Marathon.  My brother-in-law had planned to run with his friend, but at the last minute pulled out (his friend).  So my brother-in-law decided he would run with me.  Yikes!  He is really fast and I wasn't used to running with someone so it was going to be interesting. 

He lives near me (3 miles away) so I picked him up early and we headed down there.  We got parked, walked to the bag drop off and then to say hi to his friend working a tent at the race.  I was Corral C, so I was up close.  The gun went off and we started. 

My goal for the race was a course PR.  I was coming off a 10k PR, so I knew I wanted to do well.  The course had changed slightly over the past couple of years.  I didn't run it last year since junior junior was only 10 days old, so it had been 2 years for me.  I knew it was a difficult course, and now I can say I think it's harder than it used to be.  The first 8-9 miles were good, easy hills, nothing crazy.  Miles 9-13.1 were killer. 

Here we are at mile 8. 

Brother-in-law obviously feels better than me here.

Hubs and my little pumpkin

Junior Junior giving us his "happy face."

Since I wanted a course PR, I needed under 1:53:00.  I got in with 1:52:43 for 13.18 miles meaning a pace of 8:31.  I was pretty happy with that.  It was a difficult course to say the least. 

I have a few races in mind for May, but with tennis we will see how it goes.

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  1. You have a beautiful family, Jaime! It’s good to hear that you are still able to keep running marathons and playing tennis even if you are already a full-time mom. That’s a pretty good speed for someone who hasn’t been running in a while too. Keep it up!

    Brandon Pepper