Friday, May 29, 2009

My first post - all about ME

Well I have never blogged before, but I love reading everyone else's blog, so I thought it was time for me to start my own. So I guess I should start off by telling you a little about me. First off, I am married to a wonderful guy (Adam) and we have a beautiful baby girl (Hope) who was born late last year. They are the most important things to me! My world revolves around them.

We will talk a little bit about Adam now – We have been together since early 1996 and have been married since 2004. We are about to have our 5 year wedding anniversary. I am so excited! I can’t we have been married for 5 years, but honestly I can’t remember not being married to him now. J We have been together for 13 years now so we have been through a lot. I am a very cheesy person, so I am counting down the days to when we have been with each other longer than not. I know, total cheese!

Ok, now Hope – Adam came up with her name one night (Feb. 16, 2007). Long story, short, my mom was very sick (end-stage cancer) and we were already trying to conceive (TTC) and he said that us getting pregnant would be the next “happy” thing for my family after my mom’s passing, so if we had a girl, we should name her Hope. We did get pregnant, but not for another year (we had difficulty TTC, but that’s another post) and we had a little girl. By the end of it, Hope was very fitting (between my mom, not being able to get pregnant on our own, and then the worries from my pregnancy (and that’s another post too J)). Hope is amazing! We love her so much! I do breastfeed her and she started solids at 6 months. So far, I have made all of her baby food. It’s very easy and I love to cook so I don’t mind being in the kitchen a little more.

So before Hope, I obviously had a lot more time on my hands. While in grad school, I started running, and really enjoyed it. Now, I have always been very athletic. I was a gymnast for more years than I wish to count, and even did Club gymnastics in college. After college, there is not much interest in gymnastics, so I started playing tennis. Both of my parents had played tennis and I took some lessons every summer, but nothing past that. Since 2001, I have played on a team and really enjoy it! But I have also been running since 2002 and really like that as well. I have completed several half marathons (HM), but haven’t done the big full marathon yet. I hope to soon. I have also completed several 3-Day Walks for Breast Cancer (60 miles each time). I have started getting back into training mode which has been great! I love training for things. It give me a purpose. I just ran my first pace since Hope was born, and was 3 seconds off my personal record (PR), 24:28 was my time. It was the Race for the Cure 5K race in May. Next up, Peachtree Road Race 10K race in July.

Ok, nutrition time. I have always been a healthy eater, but now I have taken it to a whole new level. I guess since my mom was first diagnosed with cancer (1997), I really started looking at nutrition. Since then, I have read a lot of books about it and plan to talk a lot about nutrition on this blog. I have always been a slim person, but that is from diet and exercise. And I don’t mean diet, like I am on one, I mean diet like this is how I eat. I have never liked beef and convinced my parents at age 7 that I didn’t have to eat it anymore (thanks to an article by Mary Lou Retton in my gymnastics magazine). I do happen to like a lot of fruits and veggies so I am lucky in that respect, but my weakness is sweets, especially ice cream. Since I am still breastfeeding and working out, I have ice cream a lot because I am expending so many extra calories and can afford to eat ice cream most nights. I am sure once I stop breastfeeding, I will have to cut down on the ice cream (or up my mileage). J But I do feel like nutrition is important. I will try to let you know what I plan to eat (and let you know if I veered from the course that day). I am not perfect when it comes to eating, but I try to do well. Also, since I have read so many different things on nutrition, I have picked out what I think is the best from each book and have my own plan. So I hope to share some tips with you and hear about some of yours.

Cooking – I love to cook, but made more exciting things before Hope was born. For the most part now, I am making quicker, simpler meals, but still very healthy. Like I said earlier, I am making Hope’s food too. She has done really well making the transition from solely breastfeeding to breastfeeding and eating. I am so proud of her (mom gush). I make dinner almost every night and I pack a lunch for myself (when I am working) and Adam every night. I also love to host parties, so I get the chance to make different kind of dishes for that too. It’s fun!

Well I think that is about it. Thanks for reading!

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