Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well after taking a year and half off from singles tennis, I played today and actually won. I played in the middle of the day and it went 3 sets, but I pulled it out. I still can't believe it. I was able to play some doubles while I was pregnant, until I was on modified rest, and then again after Hope was born, but not singles. I do love summer singles because it's not just about who is the better player, it's about who can pull it out. Being a runner helps me out so I don't get tired in the summer when I am out there for 3 hours when it's 90+ degrees. It was pretty warm and I will be taking the day off tomorrow, but I am so relieved that I won my first singles match. I was so nervous. Well my pre-match snack/meal was 2 big organic graham crackers with almond butter and banana. I love almond butter and banana as a pre-tennis snack is great because it's very filling and stays with me for hours, which was good because I was on the court 2.5 hours today.

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