Monday, September 28, 2009

A busy husband + rain = Super Mom with no training

So for everyone that doesn't live in Atlanta, we had some pretty bad rain which led to flooding. Luckily, our house was not affected by the rain/floods, but it makes it difficult to get some of my runs in. What didn't help was my poor husband was swamped with work so I had to take on a lot of the things he does around the house and had little help with Hope. One day I did end up at the gym and did the elliptical for a while and kept Hope in the daycare at the gym. Of course I felt so guilty about it that I didn't get to enjoy my workout. It's very hard. I have a severe case of mommy guilt. I feel guilty doing anything that is not about Hope, and doing something that is selfish, oh man, that is the worst. I know I need to take time out for myself, but it's hard. I hope I can overcome this issue I am having.

So while I have not had a lot of time to run, I have been active, which is good. I am a little nervous about my half marathon on Sunday though. I wish I had gotten in more runs and hope I can stay strong throughout the race. It's less than a week away. Yikes! My PR is 1:55, and would like to beat it. Well at least 90% of my runs include pushing a jogging stroller so I get a double workout each time.

Yes, Adam has been crazy busy with work, so I have had to pick up the slack at home. So let me paint you a picture, me with Hope in her Baby Bjorn and our lovely 55lb. black lab on a leash (who has never been good on a leash) pulling me into the vet office on Friday. It was a sight to see, but we all made it through and Elle was in great health.

So my plan for this week is to get in 2 runs and some time on the elliptical before the race on Sunday. Wish me luck!


  1. Bless your heart. I can only imagine what you were feeling as the "tiny" dog of yours was dragging you into the vet. You did paint a pretty good visual though!!

  2. It's hard having an absentee husband. You're setting a great example for Hope with all your activities, and you incorporate her into most of them. No mommy guilt allowed!

    Good luck with your race this weekend The jogging stroller will have you in even better shape that you can imagine.

    Unfortunately DH is working Thursday-Sunday for the first 3 weeks in October, so I had to go with the Silver Comet 1/2 on the 31st. I'm disappointed not to be running this weekend. This race looks like it'll be more fun.

    Looking forward to your report.