Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas presents

Well Christmas at our house was full! We did Christmas morning at our house instead of my dad's house because he doesn't have much furniture because he is remodeling. I thought that would be great because then I wouldn't have to get Hope up and ready, but it was still a lot of work. Hope got up at 4:30am and she doesn't even understand the whole Santa thing yet. So we finally got her back down at 7:00am and I slept for another hour. Then I was up to make some cinnamon rolls. My dad sent me a text at 9:00am (when he was supposed to be over) that he had either a stomach bug or food poisoning and wasn't coming over.

So it took some time to get all the troops over but once we did, we opened a lot of presents. It was crazy. There were boxes and paper everywhere. Adam and I decided to clean up some before heading to our next stop. We were very late, but we didn't expect to have so much to clean up. Yikes.

We continued the Christmas holiday with brunch at my grandmother's and then it was off to Adam's mom's house for the rest of the day. We had a fabulous time but were exhausted by the end of the day.

I am happy to report on the health and fitness side, I received some new running tights and the Your Shape for my laptop. I also got a subscription to Cooking Light and a new vegetarian recipe book. I am hoping to try out the Your Shape this week. I wanted to get it for days when it is raining or too cold to go running and still want to get a decent workout in. This seems to have a lot of variety so I am hoping I do not get bored with it.

On the not to health and fitness side, Adam and Hope got me an anniversary band to go with my engagement ring and wedding band. I was so excited (although I did pick this one out so I knew it was coming). I am so happy with it. :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday as well.

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