Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I have been MIA!

Well between work, taking care of Hope, taking care of Adam (let's admit it, men need taking care of too), plus Christmas stuff, I have been MIA from my blog. Let me catch you up.

Hope is not sleeping! Poor thing got over a cold and then cut 2 molars (cut one before the cold). She woke up during the night and was inconsolable. It has been awful! 4 nights of me getting up with her for 1-2 hours. I am exhausted! Finally last night, she was fine and then started crying as soon as turned to leave the room. So that's when I knew that she was conning me. :) She was feeling fine now, she just wanted me. So I had to do a little tough love, which was so hard for me. I just wanted to scoop her up and let her hang out with me (Adam was working late). Finally, she fell asleep and slept through the night. Yeah!!! So hopefully, she will get back on her normal schedule and I can be human again.
With these late nights and rain, I have not been able to work out much at all. I did manage to hit the gym 3 times last week, but none for very long. I hope to hit the company gym today and then run on Friday (if I can work it in). With Christmas, comes lots of errands and that means less time to cook for the family annd work out for myself. I am trying to get it all in, but it's hard.
My friend jokes with me about writing a nutrition book (diet cook if it were in the mainstream media because that's what people want to hear). But if I did, I would have a surviving the holidays chapter indeed. I had hoped to share with ya'll (you all if you are not from the south) before the holiday season was upon us, but maybe I will in the next day or two, so you can see how I survive the holidays.
Hoping these next couple of days run smoothly.

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  1. Hey, we've missed you. Sorry to hear little Miss Hope is having a rough time with her molars coming in, but glad all is well with the family.

    Wishing YA'LL a Merry Christmas!