Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday debates

Well, I finally got all my wrapping done yesterday. I am usually really good about wrapping up gifts early, but this year, I am down to the wire. Adam and I are in a debate on the Christmas thing with little Hope now involved. At my house, we had presents from mom and dad and then from Santa. On Christmas morning we would come down and there would be presents galore (not kidding, my parents went crazy with presents, it was AWESOME). Obviously there was wrapping paper I hadn't seen my mom using, because that was what Santa had brought us. Well in Adam's house, his mom never got him any presents; they all came from Santa. Santa also had one wrapping paper just for Adam and one just for his brother. So when they went down to see the tree, they knew which ones were whose. I didn't like that idea, but Adam thinks it's so cool, so I am going with it. But when I said, can we have some presents from us to Hope and the rest can be from Santa, I had to go into a huge debate about it. I think Adam is just someone who likes to debate. He is not willing to give up his view in the beginning (I am thinking he should be a lawyer now). So finally, it is that Hope will get a few presents from us (as of now) and some from Santa, but the ones from Santa will be in a wrapping paper just from her. I still don't like it. I liked seeing a big present and not knowing who it was for. Call me crazy!

As far as working out goes, it is not going so well. Hope had a cold, so I couldn't take her out running in the stroller, then it got crazy cold for the ATL, then it rained on all my running days. Last Saturday Adam had to go out to do some shopping for me, and I convinced him to take Hope to have some bonding time. He did and I got to hit the pavement. It was very cold so I couldn't have taken Hope with me, so it was good she was with her daddy. :) I only conquered 6.5 miles, but I don't like running in the cold like some people do. I would much rather run in 90 degree heat. Yesterday, it was much nicer, so I decided to 4.5 miles with Hope and the stroller. Boy, taking 3 weeks off with minimal exercise and very little running showed. My time was terrible!!! But I have decided to take it easy. I have signed up for another half-marathon, but it's not until March. January is always the coldest time to run in Atlanta, so it will be nice not to think about getting in too many runs in while it's cold (well cold for me and Hope). I plan to get back into the swing of things at the end of Jan. I plan to do an 8 week training plan from Runner's World. You can create your own personalized training plan there and I find them very helpful.

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