Monday, August 2, 2010

A new lunchbox

So I make Adam's lunch 4 days a week (he goes out to lunch with some friends from work on Fridays). I felt like I was in a rut making lunches and needed some inspiration. So when I need inspiration, I hit the internet. I came across another blog. She also makes her husband lunches and she uses a bento box from Laptop Lunches. All of the products are BPA free and helps with portions. It will also reduce the amount of plastic baggies I use to pack lunches. I couldn't resist the urge to try them, so I bought the Bento 2.0 and a set of Bento Buddies (extra boxes with different sizes for more variety). The prices weren't bad. I got mine off Amazon so I could get free shipping.

Adam was very skeptical. He didn't think it was big enough for his lunch. He's a guy's guy when it comes to food. So I made sure his first lunch was a hearty one. :)

Here is Adam's first lunch with a bento box.

He had a salad with organic lettuce, organic carrots, and organic mild cheddar cheese with Newman's Own Light salad dressing, homemade trail mix, a pb&j wrap, edamame sprinkled with a little sea salt, and a granola bar.

I told him to try it out for a few months and if he didn't like it, then I would use it more on days that I work. I just thought it would help me with variety for him. I will try to post some more lunches of Adam's so you can see how I am doing on variety.

Ok, well Hope and I are off to Gymboree now. Have a good day.

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