Monday, June 27, 2011

Anniversary Time

Yep, we became Mr. and Mrs. 7 years ago yesterday.  We didn't do a very good job planning ahead, but at the last minute decided to go out for brunch instead of dinner.  Dinner is a crazy time with 2 small children, so we figured it was just easier to have someone watch them during the day.  We did a family run in the morning, and then showered and were off to one of our favorite places from our old neighborhood
We hadn't been to Wahoo for brunch yet, but the menu looked good and they offer the dinner menu too, so we figured we would both be happy (I love brunch btw).  I had the Eggs Benedict with sauteed spinach and the hubs had Parm crusted chicken.  I had the hashbrown casserole as my side and hubs had the cheddar cheese grits.  Both were very good.  Since it was our anniversary, we decided to have a morning cocktail (well 12:30pm here in the ATL) and we were given prosecco from the restaurant.  For someone who has never been a big drinker and hadn't had a drink in so long from being pregnant and breastfeeding, those drinks went straight to my head. 

We ended the day with a family dinner at home and it was wonderful.  The kids went off to bed and we shared some ice cream with extra chocolate chips (he knows what I like).

Our present to each other is going to be tickets to a tennis tournament coming to Atlanta in July.  We missed the tournament last year due to a family wedding, so I am very excited to go this year. 

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  1. Happy anniversary to both of you! Sounds like it was a perfect day.