Saturday, June 4, 2011

The time waster and other updates

So it's Saturday morning and the little guy is sleeping in his crib, the little lady is with her grandmother and the hubs is playing tennis. The house is quiet and what am I doing . . . Playing with my new toy.. Yep I got an iPad. I have to say that I really like it so far. If you have any favorite apps please post a comment.

My race is tomorrow so today I will just relax and prep for it. This will include some foam rolling. I know it's not advised before a race but my hamstrings are very tight after a tempo run on Thursday.

The little guy turned 12 weeks on Thursday and I am 4 lb away from my pre-preg weight. That is the great thing about hot summers in the south, I don't have a big appetite because I am drinking so much water and sweating so much during workouts.

I will update you on the race tomorrow. It's a small race so I am hoping to do well. I hope I don't get my hopes up too much.

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  1. Ooh how exciting! I'm actually commenting from 35,000 ft in the air right now using my iPhone and gogo inflight-wifi,. I'd love to have an iPad. It's amazing what technology allows us to do these days,

    Enjoy your new toy, a moment if serenity, snd your race tomorrow!