Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter was a great day but for us, Easter started a day earlier. I read that some good activities for young toddlers is getting them to help in the cooking process. For someone as young as Hope, being in charge of sprinkles is a perfect job. I have started to collect cut outs for different holidays to start a tradition for Hope and I to make cookies. I have Christmas ones, but they did not turn out very well. I was having trouble finding Easter cut outs when my mother-in-law found some pancake cut outs at William Sonoma. She got them for us and they are great but they are big. So we had some big cookies.

I made the dough from scratch, following a similar recipe from Allrecipes. From there, Hope and I started to make the shapes.

Here is the duck shape and one of the bunny shapes (there were 2 bunny shapes). Here they are before they went into the oven.

I also made some cream cheese icing from scratch, and then added some food coloring to make some pastel colored icing. Here we have the next step.

Lastly, Hope was in charge of sprinkles. She enjoyed putting sprinkles on the first 3 cookies and then she was over it. Not quite as successful as I would have thought, but we will keep trying. They cookies are delicious though.

Next, we dyed eggs for Hope's Easter basket.

Hope was helping here too.

Easter Sunday - after church, trying to get our pictures taken.

Here is Hope in her Easter dress.

The family.

My dad did an Easter Egg Hunt for Hope in his yard. Aunt Val helped Hope find the eggs and get them in her basket. I was surprised at how well she did.

Running to the next egg.

She was very good and finding them all!

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