Monday, April 5, 2010

Traveling with toddler, HELP

So Adam's company is sending him to South FL for a couple of days and Hope and I are going with him to soak up some rays. We have been pretty lucky when it comes to traveling with Hope. We usually stay in places where we have plenty of room and she has only been on an airplane twice (once good, once not so good). The flight will only be 1.5 hours long at most so that is good, but now that she is a toddler, what do I need to bring to help her? Also, can I bring milk for her through security or not? No, not breast milk, just regular milk for her?

The airport is 18 miles away (Fort Myers airport, FYI), so I guess we will be renting a car. According to Delta's website, we can check her car seat at no charge. Is that true?

Any tips or advice with all of us staying in one hotel room? Nap time? I was thinking of just taking her on a walk during her afternoon nap but she probably won't sleep very well. I won't have my jogging stroller with me (too big and doesn't fold well) so I will be sporting my McClaren on the trip.

I am very excited about getting away for a couple of days and going to the beach. Should be a lot of fun! I just want to make it as smooth as possible for Hope so she has as much fun as we do!

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  1. Have fun on your trip! It'll be gorgeous this time of year. Adam must be excited to have his girls coming with him.

    I've never rented a carseat, so I'm not sure how much it costs, but that's probably the easiest solution.

    Otherwise, hook the car seat to a rolling carry-on and bring it to the gate. If the flight's empty they may let you take it on the plane. They don't charge to check carseats at ticketing, but we always feel more secure gate checking items. Much less distance for something to get lost. Good call not bringing the joggin stroller. I think they manhandle them just for sport.

    You shouldn't have problems bringing liquids through the Atlanta airport. They'll give you the 3rd degree in Ft.Meyers (they have time on their hands), but I've always been able to take them through there as well.

    Bring your own crib sheet for the hotel. They often use regular bed sheets, then tuck all the extra fabric underneath the matress.