Thursday, April 1, 2010

Race Pictures - ING Half marathon

I finally got the pictures uploaded from the ING a couple of weeks ago. It was cool and rainy so major props to my family for coming out to support me.

Here is Hope in her stroller, blanket and her new raincoat waiting for mommy around mile 9.

Hope thinking she sees me. She got so excited!

That is me in the pink top and green shorts. Adam bought me that outfit for my Oct. race as a way of being supportive but then it's easier to pick me out of the crowd.
After the race at home with mom and her medal. It was a pretty good race overall. I was not a huge fan of the rain, but it did help keep the temperature down, which is good when you are running 13 miles.

Now I am working on speed as distance running season is coming to an end and shorter races are coming up. I have 2 5k's in my future. One is the Race for the Cure which is a huge race, but also one of my favs. It is a great atmosphere and we always run it for my mom. If you are an Atlantan, I highly recommend this race. It has a lot of personality and jogging stroller are allowed. Yeah! Register here.
My fastest 5k time is currently 24:25, so I am hoping to break 24:00. Wish me luck!


  1. gosh I can't remember which blog, but I just saw one about free VO2 max testing in atlanta this weekend and it was from another mom, who like you seems to be very speedy!

  2. You and Hope are too cute. Good luck on your upcoming races! I'm feeling a little lost at the moment with nothing to train for.

    I you have a lot of stuff going on right now, but he VO2 Max testing is next Saturday morning (the 10th) if you want in. I have no idea what practical application the results will serve, other than satisfy my curiousity, but it seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up.