Friday, April 16, 2010

VO2 Max Testing

I am back from my trip to south FL and will post some pictures soon. We had a really great time and was sad to come back, but we have a lot to do before we move.

The Saturday before I left for the beach, I was a participant in a study at Georgia State University in the Physiology Lab. I had my V02 Max tested. I heard about it from another blogger in the ATL, and was eligible for the study.

I went down to GSU on Saturday, and I have to say I was very nervous. I hadn't been running as much as I had wanted to and while your V02 Max is largely genetic, you can improve it through training.

The test was really cool. We started out with a walk for 3 minutes, then they increased the speed to 4.6. From there, every 3 minutes they increased the incline 3.0%. Finally after walking at 13.0% incline, they increased the speed so I was running finally. After 26 minutes, I was done. I hit the top of the treadmill twice to signal that I was done. I was pretty sweaty, and I am not a sweaty person. My mouth was so dry come breathing through a tube the whole time.

It was cool to have it done and in the end my V02 Max was 49. According to the testers, that is in the 70 percentile. Not bad, but not as good as I would have liked it. I was hoping for at least 50 and wonder if I could have gone longer. I know I haven't been running for all that long, but it's my personality to want to be the best when I do something. I did some searching on the internet and according to one site, I was in the Excellent category, so that made me feel a little better.

It was cool to get some more information on my running. I am running a local 5K tomorrow. It's the first year and I do to run the inaugerals. :) I will let you know how it goes.

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  1. We used to do Vo2 max testing in swimming sans the machine. It was usually a test set and then the coach would modify workouts based on the test set. How are you going to modify your running workouts now that you know your Vo2 max? What else can you do with that info.?