Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do people really not eat dessert?

I admit, the only other time in my life that I had to lose weight (other than the 2-3 vanity pounds) was after I had Hope.  So I am not very versed in the dieting arena.  I can do well at maintaining, but I am scared about losing this baby weight.  I know it came off relatively easy with Hope, but this time maybe it won't.  I feel like a fish out of water.  I also have some conditions with my weight loss, like I am nursing, so I can't cut my calories too much and have to make sure I am getting enough protein, healthy fats, etc.  I am also not sleeping great at night so my energy level isn't very high, and no caffeine for breastfeeding (well I do make half caff coffee in the mornings). 

Ok, so getting to the point of my post.  I love sweets, so I indulge in dessert more nights than I probably should.  But since most of my life, I have just been maintaining my healthy weight, I felt like it was ok.  My go to dessert is ice cream (Breyer's Light Mint Chocolate Chip to be exact).  I try to keep my portions small, but I know my serving is always more than the half cup recommended.  And then sometimes we have organic semisweet chocolate chips that might find there way into the bowl.  :) 

I was looking at one of my favorite message boards last night and one of the daily posts is planned eating and exercising for the day.  I was noticing that almost no one said anything about eating after dinner, i.e. no dessert.  Now, not all of these people are trying to lose weight.  Actually I would say that most people that answer to the post are just maintaining their weight.  What?  Are none of these people eating dessert?

I eat breakfast, lunch, a snack, and dinner.  I eat dinner between 6 and 7pm.  I would get hungry if I tried to make it until the next morning to eat again.  Since I am breastfeeding I feel like I shouldn't go that long between meals.  Is that correct?  Would I be ok not to eat?  If I should eat something, what are some better choices for evening snacks? 

What do you do when you are trying to lose some weight? 


  1. Yeah, I don't think people really post what they're eating in those threads.

    No worries, between the breast feeding and running you'll be back to your old self in no time. You're already at a size most people would kill for.

  2. My dieting tip for you:

    Step one: find a brown paper bag
    Step two: breath into the bag
    Step three: relax

    Aren't you like 3 weeks out from having a baby and you're worried about dieting (and you're breastfeeding?). You trusted your body to make another person, you can trust it to find it's way back to it's happy weight and equilibrium.

  3. I read those posts almost daily and it is odd how they never include dessert. Either it truly is a "PLANNED eating and exercise" list or they are lying. There are a lot of days I don't have a dessert, but you can bet I've had a Dr. Pepper or a cup of chocolate milk.

    Cut yourself some slack. For the first 2 months after having my baby I was in a complete fog. I did not sleep well either. I had a c-section and basically no recovery time. I was a mess. Getting up every two hours to feed the baby was exhausting. And I wasn't even breastfeeding like you!

    The weight will come off, especially since you've been so fit all your life. It may take longer than you want, but it'll happen. Just eat to nourish the babe. And enjoy your sweets. You've earned them.