Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thanks for the cyber hugs

Thanks for the great comments on my last post.  I don't know why I am so anxious about losing the baby weight.  I was not like this last time.  So weird.  I feel like a failure so much recently.  I feel like I am  not getting enough done around the house, not spending enough time with the daughter doing things she would want to do, not making great dinners, not losing the baby weight fast enough, etc.  Again, I don't know why I am feeling this way.  I was much more laid back last time.  I guess because I have been feeling better sooner, I feel like I should be getting more done, especially when it comes to losing weight.  I know I need to relax and chill out and let it be.  I am not sleeping much.  The son is not sleeping well so of course, I don't have a lot of energy to get me through the day.  I am also breastfeeding which means every 2 hours, I have to take a 20-30 minute break to feed him.  I don't mind doing it but I have to realize that, it takes a lot of time out of my day to feed the little man.  He is an eater! 

I am starting to work out again and am getting on a regular schedule with it so that is good.  I think that will continue to be the way I operate and not worry so much about eating.  I typically eat healthy, wholesome foods, so I should really worry about it. 

So I enjoyed my dessert last night (and tonight, ice cream both nights) and don't regret it.  I know I just need to relax.  I wish I could more.  Any tips to relaxing?


  1. Jaime, you seriously look AMAZING!!! I wasn't kidding when I said that the other day, you don't even look like you had a baby 6 months ago~let alone 3 weeks ago!!! You really need to keep telling yourself that you had a baby 3 WEEKS AGO! That takes a major toll on your body, let alone all the hormones and all changes we go though. I was not myself for weeks, I was absolutely in a fog (I noticed I had less streghth the second time around) and you just have to give yourself some credit :) Your a wonderful Mom to Hope and soon you will have more time (I totally understand the breastfeeding time issues~howeverI was MUCH less modest the 2nd time around and just used the cover you gave me everywhere...even in wide open at the zoo with you! & tried to take J to the park or get out of the house once a day~give yourself a small goal like that.
    As far as relaxing~I will give you the same advice Janet gave me...take a bath every night. She would tell me that when I had Jackson and I would just say "yeah, yeah, yeah." But with Bailey I finally gave in and it is truely an awesome way to relax. I made sure I took one at least 5 nights a week for the first few weeks and it was like heaven!

  2. I totally sympathize and I only have one toddler. I too feel like I'm just failing. It's a time factor situation. How does everybody do this?

    I'm stressed over my soon-to-be 1-year-old's bday party and how I had all these great ideas for goodie bags and it looks like not many people are going to make it. So my balloon is deflated and I figure it's sort of pointless to do that work for 7 people.

    I am trying to balance taking better care of the house. Get this kid on some dang solids because now she refuses to eat jarred baby food. Get over the worst sinus infection I've ever had (I can't even taste food for five days now), and oh yeah, attempt to sleep.

    I'm amazed all the time at how you juggle it all out and it seems you are doing a great job even though you may not think so.

    Our toddler is sleeping with us in our bed. Long story. But I did buy "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" (I think that's the name). I'm hoping it helps us get her back into her own bed. So maybe it'll help you? It talks about newborns and doing your best to get them to sleep at night. Hang in there!

    PS to the bath suggestion: I literally had not taken a bath in almost a year. I took one last night and it was a good treat. Just to have quiet time to myself helped me sleep better.

  3. Thanks ladies! Those are both great comments. I will have to try the whole bath thing. I love baths, but haven't found much time since haveing #2. I will have to do a better job with that. I know that would make me feel better.
    Wendy - I hear ya on the whole birthday thing. It's so stressful.