Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eating at work (Food log)

So it's been a while since I have shown you what it is that I am eating during the day.  This is a typical day when I have to go into the office (right now that is only one day a week). 

Here is my Green monster smoothie (coconut milk, frozen banana, almond butter, ground flaxseed, and kale) and my morning coffee (half-caf) with coconut milk in it.

Morning snack
A nectarine I took to a meeting.  I love summer fruits!!!

The start of my water drinking for the day.  I aim to drink 3 of these bottles everyday.  For lunch, I had leftovers - bbq tempeh with green peppers and onions and quinoa.

And some watermelon for dessert.  Told you I like summer fruits.

Afternoon snack
(Not pictured, ate it before I got a pic)

Heaping 1/4 cup mixed nuts (roasted salted almonds and walnuts) with a couple of tablespoons of dried cranberries (raspberry flavored)


Dinner on Wednesdays tends to be more leftover stuff in the fridge because I don't have much time to cook when I get home with 2 small children and a hubby that works until 8:30pm most nights.  So I had bought a zucchini, sun-dried tomato and feta quiche at the farmer's market on Tuesday (it was 1/2 off, so it was a steal of deal) that they make fresh there and use cage free eggs and organic dairy.  I had some of that along with some broccoli that I dipped in hummus.  And then we had leftover hashbrown casserole from a brunch so I had a few bites of that while I was getting hubby's dinner.

I didn't get my run in that day so my rule is no run, no dessert (that rarely works for me but that day it did).  :)  My totals for the day:

Calories:  1,712
Percent breakdown:  44% fat, 42% carbs, 14% protein

I am a little surprised that my fat was as high as it was.  I have been trying to eat more protein, but I have found it difficult, especially when I limit dairy and eat a veg diet.  I aim for 15% but I don't track my calories much anymore so I don't know how far off I am on a typical day. 

Any advice on other protein sources?  I don't tempeh or tofu more than once a week usually, so I need some other choices. 

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  1. I was wondering if you'd gone back to work. Being a speclized career, I assume it would be hard to take a few years off then get into it again.

    I can only imagine how hard itis with two, as I find it hard to get things done with only one kid.