Friday, July 29, 2011

Food log from 7/26/2011

Here is another day of food logging.  This was on Tuesday, which is a day that I am at home and not working.  You will see how it differs from last week's log when I was in the office. 

Tropical smoothie
1 small peach
1/2 frozen sliced banana
3/4 cup almond milk
1 T rolled oats
1/2 T coconut oil

Half caff coffee with almond milk

After a little play time, we headed out for a run to the park (5.36 miles total).  I was famished after my run (not usual), so I grabbed a snack to tied me over until lunch.

Nutri-grain bar

Open faced sandwich
Toasted pumpernickel bread
pesto sauce
a little extra sharp cheddar
red onions

Oh She Glows -  Apple Sandwich
Dried cranberries

2nd water for the day (first was during my run)

My big salad via No Meat Athlete's advice for an afternoon snack
Red bell pepper
Spanish olives
Homemade lemon vinaigrette

Spaghetti and "meatballs" with nutritional yeast sprinkled on top

I am not a huge fan of fake meat, but it has been really difficult getting meals on the table these past few weeks.  The little guy is not sleeping well (advice?) and I am exhausted as well as not getting enough protein in my diet, so I had about 3 oz. of veg Italian sausage, the hubs had pork sausage meatballs.  This particular brand is very lean and tasty.  I had had in the freezer forever, so I needed to use it anyway.

Turkey Hill Choco Mint Chip Ice cream (I had a coupon, not bad ice cream, but not great either)
Dark Chocolate Chips

I ran so I get ice cream.  Yeah!!!  It is one of my 2 vices.  Unfortunately, I was hungry all day long but we were so busy that I didn't get a chance to eat enough.  Since coming back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I don't need to be cutting calories anymore, and I am running more, so I actually need more calories.  When I plugged this into Sparkpeople, I was only to 1700+ calories.  That is not enough if I am running and nursing. 

And I was still hungry to after the kids were in bed, I ate a small bowl of dry cereal (Kix) and a handful of Kashi crackers dipped in cottage cheese (not pictured).  That got me very close to 2,000 calories so I called it a day.  I didn't want to eat too much since it was so late.  If I am too full at bedtime, I don't sleep well. 

Daily Totals
Calories:  1,994
Carbs:  306 (61%)
Fat:  65 (29%)
Protein:  73 (10%)

I know I need to get my protein up.  Any advice?  I think I will have to start incorporting more cottage cheese into my diet to help me. 

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