Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another kick to the head

When it rains, it pours.  So I took the little man to the peds for his 6 months check up.  I mentioned again, that we are having trouble with him sleeping still.  Well his sleeping is so bad, that it is now affecting his growth.  He has dropped off in height, weight, and head circumference. 

                                   Before 6 months                            At 6 months
Height                         40-50th percentile                         25th percentile
Weight                        25th percentile                              10th percentile
Head circumference     5th percentile                                2nd percentile

I took him to the ped at 5 months because his sleep was so bad that I wanted to have him checked out (he checked out fine), but they weighed him then and in one month, he actually lost 2oz.  Yikes!!! 

So he is on probation.  He has to come back in one month for another weight check.  The doc is only mildly concerned because he did meet all of his developmental milestones, so his lack of sleep is only affecting his growth currently.  Our doc thinks that because he is not sleeping enough, he is not giving his body enough rest in order to grow, but also, because he is not sleeping, he is burning more calories.  Double whammy!

So we are also on order to start solids twice a day too.  We started solids last week, and he is not crazy about them.  Some days he would eat it and some days no.  Well after the ped appointment, I went home and gave him 1 tablespoon of rice cereal and 1 tablespoon pureed carrots (yes, I make my own babyfood, it's fun really).  He ate it all.  So that was good.  But he had 3 immunizations and 1 flu shot, so guess who had a reaction to the flu shot, yep, the little man.  He got a nasty fever, runny nose, and just didn't feel good.  So, he refused all solids for the past 2 days.  Awesome little man, don't you know we are on probation here. 

And because of my lack of sleep (from his lack of sleep), I felt like the worst mother in the world after that appointment.  I cried in the room after the doctor left.  I called my husband and he asked if this was me overreacting or if it was that serious.  I told him I knew I was overreacting, but I am so emotional right now from my lack of sleep, I just felt awful. 

So since the ped appointment, he hasn't slept well because he is having a reaction to the flu shot.  His fever did break last night, and we instituited a sleep with mom night last night.  The hubs slept on the couch and the little man and I were in the bed together.  Everytime he woke up, I was there to feed him or console him.  The hubs slept much better, but guess what?  We both woke up with sore throats.  No!!!  I can't get sick!

If anyone has any advice on babies and sleeping, please tell me your secrets.  I feel like we have tried them all including some from my own baby whisperer

FYI - I did get all my training runs in last week.  I got to run my 9 miles alone on Saturday morning.  The air was cool and it was a great run.  I am hoping to get a nice 10 miles in this weekend if that is at all doable. 

I also have made some good recipes that I hope to post soon, I just haven't had the energy to do much posting period these days.


  1. Aww, sorry you're not out of this phase yet Jaime. You have great determination. I can't believe how well you're still training. I hope the LO starts cooperating soon.

  2. Thanks Lindsay! I think running keeps me sane to some extent.

  3. Did the doc recommend formula? I know it's not ideal, but it might help boost the cals and help get the two of you some rest.

    I read Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Baby: can't remember the exact title, but it's along those lines. It discusses newborns. I got it for my toddler's sleep problems. For toddlers he suggests crying it out. ugh, I know. But there was a ton of good info about babies and how it affects their moods, growth and all.