Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Did I achieve 2011 goals and what are my 2012 goals?

So here are the questions I posed one year ago. Let's see how I did.

  • Get Hope into a "big girl" bed (hopefully Jan. 2011)
    • CHECK - pretty easy transition except for climbing out of her bed repeatedly at the beginning and playing with her toys at night and nap
  • Get nursery ready for new baby (again Jan. 2011)
    • CHECK - but not until March really
  • Clean out office/gym area and make it more defined and less cluttered (Feb. 2011)
    • CHECK
  • Birth a healthy baby (ideally without having to be induced this time) (March 2011)
    • CHECK, went into labor by myself - 10 days early, had baby with no drugs
  • Make a smooth transition from a family of 3 to a family of 4
    • CHECK - Hope had little issues with her baby brother
  • Develop a schedule where I can get in my workouts with 2 kids while still nursing (that is going to hurt those early morning workouts, any advice?)
    • Kinda CHECK - I think I did pretty well considering no early morning runs really because I am still nursing (and hate pumping) and the lack of sleep until just recently
  • Get back into pre-pregnancy running shape (no date because I don't want to try to over due it)
    • Another kinda CHECK, I mean I did not PR, but some of my races were close
  • Participate in the Race for the Cure 5k (this is in May, just 6 weeks after I am due, so I say participate instead of run, because I may be pushing a double jogging stroller in this one)
    • CHECK - I started pushing the stroller, but it was so crowded the hubs ended up doing it so I could do a little bit of running
  • Run the Peachtree Road Race (10k), ideally in under 55 minutes (PR is 50:02), but again, not going to push myself.
    • CHECK - ran it in 52:26 (6.31 miles)
  • Run the 13.1 Marathon in Atlanta in October
    • CHECK, but after so much lack of sleep and poor training (due to lack of sleep), it was not a great race for me.
  • Would like to run some more (3 new) local fun races (5k's and other lengths that aren't traditional)
    • Ran 2 new races this year (a 4 miler in June and 5k in November)
  • Develop a stronger relationship with my husband (see they aren't all about running)
    • CHECK - we had a really good year, especially considering our family grew and we didn't sleep, can't wait for next year
  • Have 110 blog entries in 2011
    • FAIL - I got really bad at the end of the year, I am going to blame the little guy again. 
  • Run 750 miles in 2011 (I would love to say 1,000 but with the whole pregnancy and giving birth thing, I think 750 is going to be ambitious enough)
    • FAIL - I ran 680.92 according to my records which could be off, but not by that much.  I tried to keep track in my training log book and think I did pretty well.  Will try for 750 again this year.
2012 Goals
  1. Run 750 miles
  2. Blog more (110 again)
  3. Increase Interval training/Tempo runs - aim for 4 times a month (30 min HIIT on 1/3 was 3.12 miles)
  4. Increase bond between my daughter and son (it's important to me that they have a good relationship with each other, especially since they are not the same gender)
  5. Enjoy my time with my children - try not to be so rigid with my schedules
  6. Submit a recipe for a contest (there is one that is due the end of March, so I think I will try that hopefully)
  7. Investigate an herb garden again (don't have to start it this year, so think about how to do it right)
  8. PR a race this year (doesn't matter the distance)
  9. Accept changes in my life and try not the dwell
  10. Aim to do 10 races this year
  11. Go on a date with my husband that is not a wedding, anniversary, or holiday party (yep, I am aiming for just one considering last year was one and that was before the little man came)
  12. Continue to build a better relationship with hubs (I know, how subjective, right). 
  13. Try to be a more positive person.
  14. Abs workouts 3 days a week (abs are still very weak, but not sure they will ever get strong after 2 pregnancies).
  15. Embrace my new roles (not going to get into this right now)
What are your goals?  Anything else I should add? 


  1. That is awesome at how many goals you completed last year, especially with having a newborn! Congrats!

  2. Jaime- you amaze me! seriously! i need to get some inspiration from you. good luck w/ your goals, you're obviously a very determined person. :)

  3. That is awesome at how many goals you completed last year! your family picture is great, do you also have a best jogging stroller for your baby? i think you must have because it will help you most of the time.