Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The end is near . . . I think

Well I am currently up to my ears in contractors right now. Pretty much everything we are doing is cosmetic, but it's still a lot. The house is looking better and better each day, and I am very excited about our move. But I will say, it has been very stressful. The 3 of us are staying with my dad and his girlfriend in what used to be my old house. Well there have been a lot of changes to the house since my mom has passed, and I don't feel as comfortable. Also, my dad and his girlfriend are not used to having a toddler around and she can be very fussy (maybe entering the terrible 2's early), which stresses me out even more. And then of course, all the contractors. I am having to deal with them all by myself since Adam works such long hours. I have become very handy, but I still don't know everything related to homes, so it's difficult for me to talk to contractors and then guess at what is right. Hubby and I have gotten into some heated "discussions" about several aspects of our new house from paint colors to painting to the order of priority on specific jobs. We have had bad experiences with contractors before so I am always hesitant to deal with them when I think we can do it ourselves. But now we have a little one in the mix which makes everything harder. And then even more difficult when she is having trouble sleeping. We went 3 straight nights where we were up late working on the house, only to have Hope wake us up in the middle of the night and then end up sleeping with us since I didn't want her to carry on for long and wake up the rest of the house. I will have to say though, my family has been wonderful through this whole process. My sisters have watched our little one on the weekends so we could get some work done and have even brought snacks and dinner for us too.

But I think by the end of next week, we will be moving into our new house. I can't believe it! It's exciting, but so different from our other house, I am not sure how long it will tkae before I will believe it's our house. I will keep you posted.

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