Wednesday, May 19, 2010

National Employee Health and Fitness Day

Yes, did you know that today is National Employee Health and Fitness Day. Well I didn't until I saw that Jeff Galloway was coming to my office today for a seminar on Running Injury Free. I was very excited about seeing him and hearing about what he had to say. Some of the things he mentioned:

1. No need to stretch - he does not recommend it.

2. He also is really into this whole run, walk, run when training for marathons (or whatever is a really long distance for you). He said people were actually cutting times and finishing stronger with this method. Interesting, I might have to try it.

3. Relax and let your imagination go when you are running.

4. Your body does not absorb a lot of water when you are running (around 2 oz. per mile), so there isn't a real need to drink too much while running.

He spoke a lot on these walk breaks for the run, walk, run method. I think there are several people who can use it, even if you are not training for a marathon. Just some good information I thought I could pass along.

After the seminar, we all went on a 1 mile walk and then it was back for lunch. Made me motivated to get my run in today, at least for now. :)

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