Monday, May 24, 2010

Where to buy running shoes?

I have recently taken a look at my current running shoes and they are on their last leg. I have run almost 400 miles on them and they are wearing out. Where do you shop for your running shoes? I have gotten a few pairs at local running stores and Adam got me a pair online for Christmas one year. I was looking online, but haven't found any websites that had really good deals. I was fitted about 3 years ago by my brother-in-law (former NCAA runner, so he knows what he is talking about). My shoe of choice is the Mizuno Wave Creation. I love them! So I am not looking to change up my shoe, but I would like to get a deal on them, since they retail for over $135. If you know of any good websites or local Atlanta running stores that have good deals on my Mizuno's, let me a comment.
In other news, it looks like by the end of the week, we will be in our new house. The floor guy has finished the floors and the painter is coming tomorrow (Tuesday) to finish the bathroom. I am so excited to move into our new house. The only negative thing so far is that the gas range I want doesn't go on sale until June 13th, so we might have 2 full weeks in the house without an oven or stove. That might be some tricky cooking, but we will have our grill, so maybe we can make it work.


  1. my favorite place is runningwarehouse - free shipping and free return shipping. The deals aren't great but I love the shipping. I think I've heard zappos is good, also online shoes.

  2. I love running warehouse too - check out for coupon codes; I've almost always found one for at least 15% off.