Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anniversary Present

One of the things we always wanted as a treadmill (well I could have gone for an elliptical, but I digress). Adam doesn't like running much and prefers to get on a treadmill, put the speed to where he wants it, and then just forgot it. Well in our old house, there was just no room for a treadmill. It was something we said we'd get in our new house. Well, we have moved, and as our anniversary present to each other, we bought the treadmill. I did some research and Sole and Nordic Track got the best reviews for home treadmills. I was leaning towards the Sole, until we were at Sears buying our range when we saw a bunch of Nordic Track treadmills on sale. Well, the one we bought is being discontinued (Nordic Track Elite zi), so we got a steal of a deal on it. It is a little more of a treadmill than we had planned on, but still spent less than we had planned. We did get a pretty nice display, 60 inch length (instead of the 55), and has many other bells and whistles.

So yesterday, when Hope when down for her nap, I christened the treadmill with a quick run and it felt so good. It was very smooth, comfortable on my knees and feet, and very enjoyable. It is a little noisy, but I think that is probably true for most treadmills.

I am very excited to have our new gift in the house and working!

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