Sunday, July 11, 2010

First milkshake

Adam and I have done a really good job at giving Hope wholesome, nutritious foods, especially ones without added sugar. She eats plain yogurt, doesn't drink juice, etc. On her first birthday, she didn't even like the cake I made her. It wasn't until last Thanksgiving that we gave her a brownie sundae, that she developed her love for ice cream. The brownie part was ok for her, but it was the ice cream she loved (her mother's favorite). Since then, I have allowed her to have some ice cream with me every couple of weeks. Well in our recent trip to White Water, we decided to stay there as long as possible, then leave and get lunch on the road back. Neither Adam nor I are big on fast food in general, but at least Sonic has veggie options for me (and they have ice cream). When we got there, they were advertising, Buy 1 milkshake, get 1 free. So Adam and I each got a mikshake. I let Hope try mine (chocolate) and she loved it. She was sucking it down faster than I could get it. So we had to capture the moment on film.

She was in heaven! She loves using straws as spoons and this shake was so thick that it worked!

Big bite! It was a warm day and the shake was some very refreshing.

Since Hope's first milkshake, she has now become a connoisseur of milkshakes. On our recent business trip, Hope tried my grandmother's strawberry milkshake as well as my chocolate malt at Johnny Rockets. She loves her ice cream (as does her mommy).