Friday, September 3, 2010

VACA 2010

Finally!!! Vacation time! We couldn't wait! We usually go in July but we had my brother-in-law's wedding, so we pushed our vacation back until mid August. I can say it was worth the wait! We went last year when Hope was 9 months old. We had a good time, but Hope was still napping twice a day and wasn't walking or anything. This year was very different. I thought we had fun last year; this year was so much fun! It was so much fun to see Hope enjoying the beach. We had toys for her to play with on the beach, toys for the baby pool, etc. She was so much fun and we tired her out, so she took some great naps and even slept in until 8am (that's huge for us).

On the exercise front, I was able to run twice, went on 2 bike rides, and played some tennis. I was hoping to run 3 times (and at least once on the beach which didn't happen) but I wasn't planning on both of the bike rides.

Here Hope is trying calamari for the first time. She loved it along with fried shrimp.

My baby girl playing in the sand. We did good - she never got burnt. Props to us.

Ready for lunch and a nap it looks like. She played very hard.

Getting ready for the bike ride. We rented a bike with a seat on the back for Hope. She enjoyed it so much that we are thinking of getting her a seat to go on the back of Adam's bike at home. Any recommendations???

A sweaty mommy after tennis holding her sweet angel baby.

Hope helping Daddy build a sand castle.


A sunset on one of last nights on vacation.

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