Monday, November 1, 2010

So far behind, Happy Birthday little one

No excuse, but we have been having problems with our computer and downloading pictures and videos from our camera.  So you haven't had many personal updates from me lately.  But now we have it all figured out so you will be getting a lot coming to you over the next couple of days.  I will try to keep it in chronological order for you though.

My little girl turned 2  years old earlier this month!  Since she was born at 7:30am, by the time she was dressed for her mother's morning out program, she was already 2.  Here she is showing off!

Adam and I got her a bike seat to go on the back of Adam's bike.  We did this on vacation back in August and she still talks about it.  So we thought that would be the perfect gift for her.  She loves it!  Check out her new helmet. 

For her birthday party, I made her a homemade ice cream cake (she loves ice cream just like her mommy).  But her aunt and uncle wanted to make mickey and minnie cakes since we were having a mickey mouse party, and then they had leftover batter, so they made her another one.  So my lovely child had 4 cakes for her 2nd birthday.  Seems about right.

Here is a close up of the cake I made her.  It was a nutter butter crust, chocolate chip ice cream with a reese's peanut butter cup middle layer, and then whipped cream icing. 

Hope is not sure about all this singing for her (already in some dress up clothes from her aunt and uncle).

Eating her ice cream cake (which was her favorite). 
I still can't believe my little baby girl is already 2 years old.  She really has changed so much and acts like a child, not a baby.  I am so proud of her and so happy to be her mother.  I love you Hope!


  1. She really does seem like a child and not a baby anymore; couldn't believe what a little lady she was when I saw her a couple of weeks ago. Time sure flies! Looks like she had a great birthday :)

  2. She's one adorable little girl. You can see her personality shining through in the pictures.

    The cakes look professionally done, and sound like they tasted just as amazing.