Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review on last week's training

Training has not been easy. It’s not the miles, it’s the fact that I don’t get more than 2 straight hours of sleep at night. It has been almost 2 weeks since I got any sleep. It is very hard to function with such little sleep. I think sleep training is in our future. He is a little too attached to mom.  I am not sure dairy has much to do with it, but I will continue with it a little while longer.

I was able to stay on track (don’t know how), so here is how last week panned out.

Suggested Monday: Rest/Cross Train
Actual Monday: Jillian Michael’s Shred It
Suggested Tuesday: 2 mile easy run
Actual Tuesday: 5.00 mile run with JS, abs
Suggested Wednesday: 2 mile easy run
Actual Wednesday: Rest (Little guy not sleeping for for than 2 hours, so I needed the rest)
Suggested Thursday: Rest/Cross Train
Actual Thursday: 3.33 mile run with JS, Tennis practice (1 hour)

Suggested Friday: 5 mile speedwork run (warm,2 x 1600 @ 7.5, 800 jogs; cool)
Actual Friday: 1 mile @ 6.3mph, 1.0 mile @ 7.0mph, 0.5 @ 6.5mph, 1 mile @ 7.5, 1 mile @ 6.5mph, all @ 1.0% incline,
strength training
Suggested Saturday: Rest/Cross Train
Actual Saturday: Rest
Suggested Sunday: 7 mile easy run @ 10:08
Actual Sunday: 7.46 mile run @ 9:37, ab ripper X

Suggested mileage: 18 miles
Actual mileage: 20.29 miles

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  1. Wow. I just came upon your blog from Oh She Glows and you are such an inspiration. If you can rock our 20+ miles in a week with a little one and 2 hours of sleep I have no excuses! Way to go! Keep it up. :)