Monday, August 1, 2011

Half training has begun

I have signed up for a half marathon in early Oct.  It is one I have done before, it's close to home, and it is where I have my half PR so I obviously like the course.  I decided it's time to start some sort of training plan so I can keep myself accountable.  I really like the Smart Coach at Runner's World, so that is what I tend to use as my training guides.  You can personalize it a little more than you can at most training plans.  I am doing a 10 week training plan, so it started last week.  It's good that it started because Sunday's run was not easy and I wasn't really feeling it but I knew I needed to get out there.  I will be happy when the heat lets up a little.  It was over 80 degrees by 9:00am (I left the house at 8:35am).  It will also get a little easier when the little guy sleeps a little better and is a little more predictable.  I would love to get out of the house early, I don't want to leave the hubs with a hungry, angry baby, and I am not a fan of pumping, so I try not to that very often.  We will see as my running continues.  I might just have to change things up a bit.

Also, I do change up the days a lot for my schedule.  The plan has me running 4 days a week, which is what I typically do, but my running days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and then one of the weekend days, so I have changed the plan to run on those days just for simplicity. 

So here is what was expected of me, and here is what I did.

Suggested Monday:  Rest/Cross Train
Actual Monday:  30 minutes yoga

Suggested Tuesday:  2 mile easy run
Actual Tuesday:  5.37 mile run with JS, abs

Suggested Wednesday: 2 mile easy run

Actual Wedneday: 2 miles on the mill (I was exhausted due to the little guy not sleeping at all)

Suggested Thursday: Rest/Cross Train

Actual Thursday:  Tennis practice (1 hour)

Suggested Friday: 5 mile tempo run (warm, 3 mi @ 8:34; cool)
Actual Friday: 1 mile @ 6.3mph, 3.35 miles @ 7.0mph, 0.85 @ 6.4mph, all @ 1.0% incline,
                         strength training

Suggested Saturday: Rest/Cross Train

Actual Saturday: Tennis round robin

Suggested Sunday: 7 mile easy run @ 10:08
Actual Sunday: 7.06 mile run @ 9:54 (it was hot people)

Suggested mileage:  16 miles
Actual mileage:  19.36

Have you started training for any fall races?  How are you dealing with the heat? 

I have a foam roller, but don't use it often.  What are your favorite exercises or websites for the foam roller?



  1. Hi! I like your blog! I've been looking for other runner moms out there and I thought your blogwas very inspirational ;).

    I'm wondering when you started jogging with your son in the bob? My baby is almost 4 months old but I feel like she's way too little yet. Obviously I will be checking with our ped but I just wondered when you started.

    Way to go on the half training!

    Oh and i also wondered If you are limiting dairy bc of nursing? I've heard that dairy can affect the baby. Just curious.

  2. Thanks for your comments. I started with my son early, when he was 2.5 months old, but I had reasons and stipulations. Both my kids had very small heads so they always had very good head control (5th percentile small). I also have an infant insert his head that I put in his car seat so he couldn't move his head around much at all. Next, I only ran on roads (no sidewalks) so the roads would be flat, and I was running very slow. Most of the time, I even kept the front wheel on swivel, so there was no jerking. I know there is a lot of debate about this, but with the Bob, the kids are in the car seat, so they are pretty safe. Oh, and I stayed in the neighborhood, so very little traffic. I am just now starting to go on sidewalks with the little guy and he is almost 6 months old. Good luck.

  3. I limited dairy because I saw the Oprah episode on the vegan challenge and everyone mentioned the increased energy, and I knew I needed that with 2 little ones. I also limited dairy as an easy way to cut calories while I was trying to lose the baby weight. Since getting back to my pre pg weight, I have been eating some more dairy, cottage cheese and a little cheese because I need the calories. I just couldn't get full.