Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Jam 2011

For the past few days, the news has been warning us about "The Storm" that was coming.  Well last night before we went to bed, it had already started snowing and we had about 2 inches already.  Well this morning, snow has covered everything.  We have about 5-6 inches which is a lot for us southerners.  We made it out late this morning.  Hope seemed to enjoy it, mostly because she sat in her comfy sled which was her dad's, aka 30+ years old. 

With mom getting ready to go sledding in the front yard. 

On her sled and ready to go for a walk.

Now it's daddy's turn to push. 

All smiles!
It is supposed to stay below freezing all day so we are not expecting it to get any better for another couple of days.  I was able to get my 3 mile run in today, but it was on the treadmill before heading out for snow walk. 


  1. Looks like fun.

    Any pain on your run?

    I'm headed to the ortho on Thursday. I ran 7 on Sunday with not any 'pain' persay, but some discomfort. I'm ready for this little episode to be over with.

  2. Not much pain on the run. Felt the groin pain maybe a little at the end, but I ran a lot slower which I think helped. Of course, last night when I got up to pee, I could feel again, so I don't think I can run today. I think my days are over for running 2 consecutive days until this baby is out. Just 2 more months! Maybe some yoga or weights today.