Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekly Running Report

Well the snow and ice kept me inside most of the week last week.  I was able to get out yesterday late morning, but there was still ice out there, especially on the sidewalks on the busier streets, so that made it interesting.  I had to make yesterday's run a little short because of the ice.  I knew if I fell, the hubs would have my head.  Here is how it broke down last week:

Monday - Ran 3 easy miles on the treadmill, 0% incline, walked 0.32 afterwards to help work out my groin
Tuesday - 35 minutes of yoga, that was all I could get in with the little one
Wednesday - Ran 3 miles again on the mill, 0% inclinie, groin started bothering me so I had to walk for 0.2 miles in the middle of the run, and then ran at the end.
Thursday - REST - Actually I went into the office that day and all the stress of driving around on ice, that was all I could do that day.  If I wasn't pregnant, my dinner would have been red wine.
Friday - Ran 3 miles on the mill again, with a 0.35 walk afterwards, did some push-ups and sit-ups afterwards
Saturday - REST, we hit the mall to get some shopping done for the new baby and a few accessories for our living room
Sunday - Ran 2.5 miles outside - supposed to be 3.1 miles, but the ice cut that short.  I was going to run the rest on the mill when I got home, but figured I would try to run on Monday (today, and I did), so I thought it was ok to make it short, if I was going to run 2 days in a row with stretching ligaments.

According to the mill and the garmin I ran 12.43 miles.  Not too bad considering most was done on the mill with as much snow as we got. 

Today I took Hope out on the jogging stroller since we were up early and no work today.  There is still a good bit of ice on the sidewalks, but it was probably good because it made me slow down and walk.  No real groin problems today.  And having the jogging stroller gave me some stability over the ice.  :)

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