Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu Planning - 2/1

Ok, so I have so many cookbooks and magazines right now about cooking, it's almost overload (almost). This week I am doing a combination of recipes from Cooking Light and Vegetarian Times. It's recipes from the most recent issues, so they are not online yet, but I am sure they will be. I will let you know where I am getting them from and if you wait a week or so, hopefully they will be online. Here is what I am thinking of this week.

Monday - Gnocchi
Tuesday - Spicy Moroccan stewed fish with couscous (Cooking Light)
Wednesday - Spicy sun-dried tomato soup with white beans and swiss chard (Vegetarian Times)
Thursday - Sicilian style roasted veggies in balsamic syrup (Vegetarian Times)
Friday - Rosti casserole with baked eggs (Cooking Light)

Have a good week everyone!

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