Sunday, February 6, 2011

A big girl bed

We moved Hope into her big girl bed early last week.  The good news is she loves it and doesn't miss her crib at all (which is now in the nursery)! 

(Ignore the fact that the bed skirt hadn't made it on the bed quite yet.  This was the first night in her bed.  The skirt was ironed and put on by the weekend).

The bad news is that she figured out how to get out of her big girl bed on the second day, so we are struggling with keeping her in her bed at nap time and night time.  We hadn't moved her into a big girl bed before now because she never tried to get out of her crib so we just enjoyed the crib for as long as possible.  But now that we are nearing #2 coming into the world, we wanted there to be some time in between Hope moving out of the crib and #2 moving into the crib in case Hope didn't like the idea.  She got new bedding for Christmas, I ordered a bed rail from Amazon and we were just waiting for the perfect weekend to do it.  Well she was so excited about the size of the bed (it's a full) and the pretty bedding, she has forgotten about the crib.  Yeah!

Her first night in her bed and Daddy won the honors of reading her a story and tucking her in.  If anyone has any tips to keeping your little one in bed other than sitting on the bed with her until she falls asleep (ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes), we are all ears. 

But of course I don't mind too much having to snuggle with this face.     


  1. I have always used the "Super Nanny" technique and it really does work pretty well. You can look it up on her site I think...but here is... You do your night routine then leave the room. When they get out of bed the 1st time you say, "you have to stay in your bed, it's time to go to sleep...tuck them in and say goodnight". 2nd time they get up you say nothing while walking them back and then "goodnight" when you put them in bed. 3rd time you say absolutely NOTHING and don't even look them in the just walk them back and put them in bed (that really freaks them out!). Continue the 3rd step over and over (this can be hard...but you can't break!!!) and it really works!!! Jackson NEVER gets out of bed when we put him down and night and very occasionally does for naps, but I just follow the steps and it works :) Hope that helps!!

  2. Thanks Michelle. I will look into that. Unfortunately, Hope is under the weather right now, so we will have to put this on hold until she is feeling better.

  3. I know that feeling trying to get them back in their bed/crib. My 9-month-old is still in ours since she was sick two months ago. sigh. We were ready to start sleep training and she's sick again. Hopefully we'll start next week.

    Hope's jammies and bedding are adorable! Good luck with the new baby.