Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh yes I did it

So I know a lot of you ladies who read this like the idea of a good deal and I have one for you.  It was last Thursday, I was working from home and then I knew I needed to run an errand or two.  Hope did not nap extremely well that day so I knew I was in for a treat.  I was thinking ok, I can do this.  It's the end of the week, I am tired, very pregnant, and running errands around rush hour.  Yikes.  Well just before we left, I remembered something and grabbed a banana.  Well we hit the paint store for the baby's room (Adam needed more paint), and they didn't have the paint we wanted (low VOC paint) in the quart size, just the gallon size.  Yikes!  So I got one color in a gallon and the other color was going to have to come from another store.  So I loaded Hope back up into the car and we headed to another paint store (further away from home) in rush hour.  We got that paint and were on our way home.  Well guess what was on our way home???  Bruster Ice Cream!!!  And on Thursdays, if you bring your own banana, you can get a banana split for half the price

I have never had anything other than just a cone from Brusters, but I do love their ice cream.  It's so creamy!  And they have a baby cone that is free for all children under 40 inches, so I got Hope a baby cone of mint chocolate chip (one of favorites) and I got the banana split.  As soon as we got home, I threw my banana split in the freezer so I could enjoy it after dinner (dinner was eggs that night, I was exhausted).  After dinner, I did enjoy almost all (but not all) of my banana split after a long day.  Yes, I could have finished it but I restrained.  Wow, good job for the pregnant lady!  So if it's a Thursday and you are feeling some ice cream, remember to think of Bruster's and their half off banana split. 


  1. Ahhh, I have a Bruesters right down the street from me and I forgot about that banana split deal! I need to do that!!

  2. I do not live by a Bruesters, but that is a cool concept to bring your own banana! I bet that saves them from wasting bananas.

    When you finish the nursery can you post pics?

  3. Oh my, I did not need to know this! That is a good deal.

    I'm sure the baby loved it too. Was he kicking up a storm afterwards? What type of theme did you choose for the nursery?

    I kind of brushed over the main function of the BodyMedia Fit, and just said it was an "activity monitor" so I can track my workout progress. He'd think I went off the deep end if I went into details.

    He was like "ok, just don't start running too much again". He's fine with my current amount of running, but still doesn't want to see me doing full marathons anytime soon. I agree that amount of mileage is too hard on my body.