Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New 10K PR!

Well last Saturday, Adam and I were up at 5:15am for another 10k race. The Old Soldier's Day Race is in Alpharetta (about 30 minutes away from us), and an intermediate course. This isn't a normal race on our calendar, but Adam had friends who were running it, so we thought, it was a great excuse to see them. Since I had continued to run on vacation, I felt pretty good and was hoping for a good time. All week though, my legs felt heavy and I didn't know why.

Well Saturday came and I was off. My first mile was 7:27, very fast for me. Yikes, I needed to slow it down some. And I did. My legs felt heavy again the whole race, but I pushed through and finished in 49:38, a new PR. And this was a Peachtree Qualifier, so I have now qualified for a 1A time for the Peachtree. It was nice to get under 50:00, but I was disappointed that I didn't finish in the top 3 of my age group (finished 5th in the 30-39 category). I know, you would think I would be happy about my time, but I really wanted top 3 too. Last year, I would have finished 2nd, this year though, 5th. Well maybe next year. :)

I had emailed the race director about baby joggers and he said they were welcome, so we were able to bring Hope. We threw her in the car at 5:45am and then when we got to the race, I fed her and changed her diaper. Adam wanted to run with her because he wasn't in good running shape, so he wasn't looking to break any records. They looked so cute together.

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