Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So, I would like to do a full marathon in Nov., but with a baby, it makes training a little harder. I have already signed up for a half marathon in Oct., so I am excited about that. I have created a personalized training guide from Runner's World Smart Coach. I have created a 16 week program and plan to discuss the previous week's accomplishments and give you a run down of the current week's goals. I figure that way it's another motivation to get out there. So this is week 2 for me.

Week 1 Projected/Actual
Monday - Rest/Ran easy 3 miles on the treadmill
Tuesday - Run easy 3 miles, abs/Ran easy 3 miles, abs
Wednesday - Rest/Elliptical Trainer for 30 minutes
Thursday - Run tempo 5 miles, abs/Ran 4.33 miles (not really a tempo run though), abs
Saturday - Run easy 8 miles/Ran easy 8.54 miles

Total Mileage: 18.87 miles

Week 2 Projected/Actual
Tuesday - Run 5 mile tempo run, abs/Ran 5.41 tempo run, abs
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Run easy 4 miles, abs
Saturday - Run easy 9 miles

I did get my 5 mile tempo run in yesterday (along with my abs). I couldn't get out of the house until lunch time to run, so it was hot and I didn't bring any water (bad Jaime). This particular tempo run was warm-up for one mile, run one mile in under 8 minutes, jog for a half a mile and then repeat it one more time. Cool-down the last mile. Well it was extremely hot, but my warm-up mile felt good. My first fast mile was hard, but I did a good job of pushing myself. I ran it in over 8 minutes, but I had the baby jogger (and a 16lb. kid in it), so I usually give myself a minute more a mile. I jogged for my half a mile, but then my second fast mile wasn't very fast. It's not easy to run fast with a baby jogger, that's for sure. But we finished and I ended up running 5.41 miles.


  1. You've registered for the 13.1 marathon?

    Even though I knew the answer would be no, I emailed the race director to see if jogging strollers would be allowed. I won't know until September 14th if DH will be around so I can run, but I'm still training as if I am. I'm banking on it not selling out, otherwise I'm going for the Silver Comet half at the end of October.

    It should be fun to be part of the inaugural race. Never know what could happen.

  2. THat's great you are going to train, :) the half is perfect distance

  3. I did register for the half in Oct. I can't wait. Runblondie26 - I hope you are able to run. It would be nice to see you at a race.