Friday, August 14, 2009

Went to The Children's Museum for FREE

Adam was up early Tuesday morning (couldn't sleep) and was flipping channels while he was ironing his shirt before the Today Show was even on. He heard that The Children's Museum had free admission that afternoon. He told me about it and I looked it up and sure enough he was right. It's called the Target Free Second Tuesdays. From 1:00 - 7:00pm, it's free admission for everyone. I had to work on Tuesday, so we left right after I finished up. Now Hope is only 10 months old (just today in fact), so there wasn't much for her to do, but she did have a good time. They had a second for 2 and unders, so we spent most of time there. I felt like she wasn't going to get trampled on by the older children. It was fun and I think she had a good time. So, I have marked on my calendar, the next 2nd Tuesdays for the rest of the year and hopefully, we can make some of those. Here are some pictures of Hope at the museum.

Hope on the infant water bed

Hope laughing at the blocks

Got a block for herself

Playing the piano

Hanin' on the bean bag chair

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