Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009 was a success despite the crummy weather we had in the ATL. Hope was a ladybug this year and a darn cute one if I do say so myself. :) Adam has been pushing the whole ladybug thing for a while now, so I was glad when I found this cute costume at Target. Here are a few pictures of her during the week of Halloween.

At Gymboree (we were told to dress them up for class).

Going to the block party, all dressed up.

Checkin' it all out!

We had a number of trick or treaters and I can't believe next year Hope might be going to houses with her daddy. They grow up so fast.


  1. She is adorable! The costume is perfect!

  2. soo cute!! we had dress up at gymboree too. do you know rolly poly?

  3. Yes, I know rolly poly. Love it!