Monday, November 2, 2009

Hope's first flight and trip to Notre Dame

Well, a few weeks ago, we went to South Bend, IN via Chicago to see the Notre Dame football team face Boston College. It was Hope's first flight and all in all, she did very well (the trip up was much easier than the trip back). We stayed with friends both nights (Friday and Saturday) which was nice because they have little ones so we didn't have to bring as much stuff for Hope. Saturday morning we were up early to make the drive from Chicago to South Bend (a little over 90 miles). The drive was no problem, but once we got to South Bend, it was very cold and looked like it was going to rain. We parked the car and made it over to the bookstore where Adam could get a new t-shirt, some gifts for family, and a whole slew of stuff for Hope. As soon as we reached the bookstore, we saw the leprechaun and I had to get a picture of Hope and the leprechaun. Hope looks more interested in his glove, then him. :) Notice how bundled up she is. I had to hit the store on Friday before we left to buy her a winter coat, something she won't need much for winters down south.

After that, we made our way to the tailgate. It was very cold and windy (42 degrees and 10+ mph winds). Then it started to rain. After an hour of being held, poor Hope wanted to get down and move around. I walked her around for a about 10 minutes, but knew I couldn't do this all day and we were both getting cold.

So we grabbed a few pictures of Hope in South Bend and Hope and I headed to the car. Here we are in front of the stadium.

Hope and Adam with Touchdown Jesus.

The fam in front of the golden dome.

Hope and I got warm at a local diner that Adam recommended (he went back to the tailgate and then to the game with college roommates of his).

This is what Hope ended up doing during the game. We were lucky enough that we had some friends who were also in town and had a daughter just a few months older than Hope. So we spent the rest of the day inside watching the game and Hope was able to play with toys and new friends. I think she enjoyed it!

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