Friday, November 13, 2009

Hope's first visit to see Santa

I know it's a little early, but I was off for Veteran's Day and thought it would be the perfect time to get Hope's picture with Santa. Santa was not at every mall, but I found one that he was and we went right after her morning nap. I took my grandmother as an extra adult because I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know if there would a long line and one of us would have to wait in line while the other walked Hope around (yes, she's walking now). Well we got there and there was ZERO line. One woman was paying and no one else was around. So I took Hope over near Santa and told her all about Santa. The woman then explained the packages and then I took Hope up to see Santa. Now, I did not like Santa for years. In my baby book, year after year, you would see me crying in Santa's lap. I was not a fan of the bearded man in the red suit. Well, it looks like Hope is following in my footsteps. I got her up there and she was fine. Then I put her in Santa's lap and she didn't fuss. She was all out screaming (and it shows in the picture). Hope does not scream like that often, so you know it's bad when she does. We got the quick picture and I scooped her up immediately.
After I purchased a package of pictures, we were allowed to go back up there and get pictures with our camera. So I had my grandmother take my camera and I sat next to Santa with Hope on my lap. She did not cry, but she did not smile either. She was over Santa at this point.

And here is a picture of Hope in her Christmast dress (bought it in Oct. at Macy's 50% off). I was trying to get a nice picture but this child does not like to sit still. Well you get the idea of what the dress looks like.

And one more of her dress at home.

I hope everyone had/will have a better time taking your children to see Santa.


  1. Oh, this sounds familiar - I have three years worth of photos of Charlotte with Santa just bawling her eyes out :)

  2. That photo is absolutely priceless. Just wait until she gets'll both have such a good laugh over it. She couldn't be any cuter.