Thursday, January 21, 2010


Well this snow actually occurred earlier this month, the day before my sister's wedding. The snow started on Thursday night (Jan. 7) while my sister and I were getting spray tanned (her idea, not mine). And then by Friday morning, we had snow that stuck. Now down here, that is very rare, so we had to take Hope out in it. It was very cold so we only spent about 10 minutes outside, but my mother-in-law happened to have a sled left over from when Adam was a teenager that she had given to us earlier in the week in anticipation of the snow. We got about 1.5 inches, but it was very icy. I was sliding all over the place in the car that day. Very scary for a southern girl. But here are some pics of Hope on her sled during the snowfall of 2010.

A view from our front door.

Hope giving us a smile (this was at the very beginning). What a good sport.

A close up of Hope in the backyard.

Hope and Adam in the back yard.

The snow was fun but I am glad it's over.

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