Friday, January 15, 2010

A day of eating . . .

So I have noticed more of more health blogs have incorporated what they eat into some of their posts. I thought I would do the same for today. So for breakfast I ate 1 cup of Wheeties, skim milk and decaf coffee with skim milk for breakfast. Hope had organic Cheerios and whole milk.

Hope was napping during lunch, so I made myself a spinach salad with 1/2 apple, some tomatoes, orange bell peppers, lowfat no salted added cottage cheese, a little goat cheese, and Newman's Own Lite Italian dressing. I had already gotten out dough from the freezer so I knew we were having pizza for dinner. When I have pizza or pasta for dinner, I like to have a salad for lunch. It doesn't always work that way, or I forget, but when I remember I try to balance out my day.

After lunch, I was needing a sweet so I grabbed some leftover Christmas candy from inside the fridge (3 hershey kisses and 1 chocolate covered cherry).
After my dessert, Hope was up and I fed her (I ate a piece of her banana and a couple bites of her cream cheese and jelly sandwich which is not pictured). After that, we went for a 5.5 mile run and played at the park.

I had planned on making a veggie pizza, but then realized that we were missing spaghetti sauce, so I had to change my game plan. I had already cut my olives, so Hope and I ate them instead. I was starving after my run, but it was too late for a snack so I just started dinner early.

Hope and I both love broccoli and I have a great roasted broccoli recipe so I made that since I needed to get rid of the broccoli. Hope and I both ate this with a little leftover for Hope's lunch tomorrow. Yummy!

Here is my buffalo chick'n pizza. My half has morning star chick'n strips and Adam has rotisserie chicken. It turned out well. We got a pizza stone for Christmas and the pizza was good both times. Since I decided this morning to make pizza, I grabbed a frozen sourdough loaf from the freezer. I can't stand the Pillsbury pizza dough, so I usually make my own, but when I do, I do 1/2 whole wheat. We have had that for a while, so I bought a big bag of this frozen dough and Adam loves it.

This is my piece. FYI - it's on a salad plate, so it looks bigger than it is.

So I don't know what my calories are for the day, but I know it's not enough. I usually have an afternoon snack which I ran out of time today. Hope is transitioning to 1 nap a day which is really hard so I ran in the afternoon instead of the morning. So by the time I showered, it was 5:00pm and time to start dinner. I am sure I will have dessert tonight (maybe I will take a picture for you) :). Maybe some cheesecake from the bridesmaid luncheon that I some how got the extras of. Or it will be ice cream, but I am thinking cheesecake. Good night and hope you enjoyed a day in the life of my eating. :)


  1. great day of balanced eating! It wasn't alot of food at all! I like reading and seeing the pics of the day of eating : )