Thursday, October 7, 2010

Adventures at the Botanical Gardens

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take my little one to the Botanical Gardens while it was still warm.  Unfortunately, I had just run 4 miles with the jogging stroller and didn't thinking about all the walking I was going to have to do.  Oops!

Well, it was a fun experience but she is still a little young (and obviously over getting her picture taken).  Here she is at our first garden.

Her favorite was the Japanese garden with rocks.  She could have stayed for hours playing with the rocks.  

I saved the best for last (smart mommy) - the children's garden.  Here, my little girl is going through the catepillar (we went all the way through where the catepillar became a beautiful butterfly).

Playing in the sandbox.  Fun times!

Lastly, I read about this place before we went, so I saw that there is a little foundation for children to cool down.  So I brought her swim suit so she could play and then we could change back into her regular clothes and not be wet the rest of the day.  

After a long morning, we hit Moe's for lunch and then a quick visit to hubby's office.  We were back home and everyone needed a nap.  :)

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