Sunday, October 3, 2010

National Clean Eating Day - Recap

So it was on Wednesday that I decided to participate in the National Clean Eating Day, and I was going to take it seriously.  That meant do processed food period!  Which meant no cereal, no breads (except for sprouted breads), nothing.  Well I wasn't completely equipped for the day, so that hurt.  But the day started off with breakfast.

Organic rolled oats, organic blueberries, toasted walnuts, and a little bit of ground flaxseed.  I also decaf coffee with some 1% milk in it.

Being pregnant, I usually can't go 3 hours without eating, and I tend to snack a lot, so I had a pear to tide me over until lunch.

For lunch I had some leftover Greek Couscous with Shrimp (I am trying not to eat seafood, but I had been craving shrimp for weeks).  Such a good and easy recipe

After Hope when down for nap, I got hungry again, so I made some sprouted bread toast and put a little natural almond butter on it.  Yummy!!!

Hope took an extremely long nap, when she finally did wake up, I decided to have a little organic plain lowfat yogurt and extend dinner a little longer.  

Hope and I had to run some errands and then when we got back, we decided to play outside instead of starting dinner right away.  It was 6:25 and the husband called to say he was on his way home.  ***Note:  This NEVER happens.***  Since I hadn't started dinner (spinach and tomato frittata and salads) and the weather was so nice that day, we decided to walk to dinner and go out.  Well needless to say, we ended up at a pizza place, so I can easily assume my crust was not clean, and my sauce may or may not have been. 

I also forgot my camera so I couldn't even take a picture of it for you.  But I had a salad (no croutons) with vinegarette dressing and one slice of veggie pizza.  So I had a lot of veggies but not entirely clean.  But we did walk to dinner and back (1.7 miles each way) so I did get some extra exercise in and it was so nice to eat out.  We hardly ever get to with Hope not being very good at dinner right now. 

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