Friday, October 8, 2010


Ok, so I am almost 4 months along.  I thought I would update you on my pregnancy and some of my "cravings."  Now by cravings, I am not making anyone run out and get me anything or even myself, but since I dictate what we have for dinner and do the grocery shopping, I am picking things I like.
  1. Pasta - And I am not a huge pasta fan, but Adam is so he is not complaining
  2. Tomatoes - I like tomatoes and always have, but I can eat a tomato everyday right now.
  3. Fruit - Yum and I am not picky about fruit.  Today I dug into an organic red pear from the farmer's market and it was so yummy and juicy. 
  4. Sugary cereal - I am trying to limit this because I don't want sugary cereals in the house, but I slip in a box every now and then.
  5. Cheese - This should probably have been number 1, at least in the 1st trimester (not as much anymore but worth documenting, but gooey cheese was my number 1 craving with Hope as well.  Actually a lot of these are the same.  I don't know if that means I am having another girl or if it's more a personal thing with my body.
  6. "Junk" food in general - I definetely want more junk food than before I was pregnant.  Granola bars dipped in chocolate, baked cheetos, and cookies.  I even have plans to make homemade shortbread cookies with homemade icing for Halloween and caramel apples with Hope. 
  7. Smoothies - Since it's been so warm, again in the 1st trimester, smoothies are a great breakfast and have them at least twice a week.  My go to smoothie right now is a Green Monster smoothie.  This way I get some veggies in (veggies will not be named as a craving)
  8. Racing!  Fall is the perfect time to race, but since I am pregnant and not sure how this pregnancy is doing to go, I haven't raced.  I just talked to my OB at my 16 week appointment and she thought I would go ahead and some small races while everything looks good.  I had plans to run a small 5k on Saturday that allows jogging strollers, but Hope has come down with a virus (maybe the flu) and has had a fever since Wed. night so it looks like this craving is going to have to be put off for at least another week. 
So what do you think of my cravings?  Am I having a girl or a boy?  Only time will tell. 


  1. I love your blog! Congrats on the pregnancy! My daughter is almost six months old and I remember those cravings. I am now a bit of a sugar addict. I had gestational diabetes while pregnant, and I limited my sugar a good bit. Now I find myself craving sugar several times a day.

    What is your advice? I know I need to cut out the sodas. I may just go cold turkey. The problem is when I have one, I start back having them everyday. I am also a big cinnamon roll fan (the small rolls like Pillsbury), cereal at night, chocolate milk at night, these types of sweets. I am going to just not have them in the house. But what is your advice on eating cleaner so I can give up my bad habit?

  2. I would suggest not going cold turkey unless you think you can do it. I would start with sodas. First, I would limit your sodas to 3 a week, then 2 a week, and then just 1 a week. Are you working out? If so, maybe save the cinnamon rolls for after a tough workout. Are you breastfeeding? If you are, you will have to eat more (I felt like I was eating all the time). You just have to make smart choices so you aren't craving all the sweets. I am not a fan of drinking calories (except for Green monster smoothies), so soda and chocolate milk would be the first to go. I would start there. Once you eliminate those, you will notice you won't crave as much sugar anymore. Also, how much fruit are you eating? Fruit can be (not always) a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth craving. Good luck!!!