Monday, October 18, 2010

Menu Plan - 10/18

I know I haven't been doing these things every week, but sometimes it takes me 2 weeks to get all of the recipes in.  Things come up.  I decide I am in the mood for that dish one night, Hope decides I don't need to cook, etc.  So here is what I am thinking for this week.

Monday - Leftovers from a few weeks ago (veggie chili mac from The Rachael Ray Show)
Tuesday - Leftover Quinoa and Lentil cutlet with veggie gravey, and Indian side dish I saw at the store the other day, and a salad
Wednesday - Fartella pasta (Vegetarian Times magazine) and broccoli
Thursday - Dinner Out
Friday - Loaded Potato Soup or Eggs for dinner, can't decide, will have to be a game time decision

Have a great week everyone!

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