Sunday, October 24, 2010

Product Review - Kroger Brand Greek Yogurt

I was so excited to see that Kroger had come out with a greek yogurt.  I love greek yogurt; it's so creamy and thick, not to mention a lot more protein than regular yogurt.  I also like that greek yogurt, for the most part, doesn't have artificial sweeteners (which I don't eat).  Before greek yogurt, I really only ate the Stonyfield regular yogurts because they don't have any artificial sweeteners, doesn't have as much sugar as the Dannon Naturals and of course, it's organic.  But it's not cheap either.  So I was so excited to see that Kroger had a greek yogurt that was more affordable than most greek yogurts.

The Kroger brand greek yogurt has between 120 and 130 calories, is fat free, and . . .

and full of protein without a lot of added sugar to keep the carbs in check.  Well, it wasn't until I got home that I noticed that Kroger brand greek yogurt has Stevia in it, natural sugar without any calories.  I wasn't sure how I felt about this being pregnant and trying to do everything right.

I went ahead and tried it after researching Stevia online because I had never had it before.  The taste of the greek yogurt was ok; I did notice a artificial taste in it from the Stevia.  But Kroger does offer several flavors; our family likes the vanilla (which has more protein and fewer carbs than the strawberry shown here).  I did notice the texture was a little grainy, not as creamy as some of the other greek yogurts.  At first glance, I was pretty disappointed.  I let a couple weeks go by before trying it again.  I was making Adam's lunch and had a spoonful of the vanilla greek yogurt and liked it better the second time.  Maybe I had a bad one or maybe it's just sometime you have to get used to.  I am still not sure how I feel about Stevia, especially while being pregnant.  I don't think it's something I will have often while pregnant, for personal reasons, but maybe after the baby is born, I will eat more of them.

Taste:  B
Nutrition:  B (the Stevia lowered it for me)

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  1. They have changed this. Sweetened with neotame now. Neotame is the EVIL cousin of aspartame.

    Talk about 180 degree turn about. From "natural", safe sweetener to POISON.