Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fun Toddler Project

It was a lazy Friday day for us so I decided it would be arts and crafts day at the house.  I actually stole this idea from a friend of mine.  We have a bunch of different trees in our yard, but we do not have any pine trees.  So Hope and I took a short walk around the neighborhood and looked for some pine trees.  We collected a couple of pine cones and headed back to the house.  

Collected our pine cones and tried some string around the top of each pine cone.

Melt some peanut butter in a bowl and then let your toddler (very carefully) roll the pine cone in the peanut butter.  Cute little hand!

Then roll the peanut butter glazed pine cone in some birdseed.  

The finished product.  

Then we headed to the back yard to put our birdfeeders on a tree.  Hope enjoyed the project and it was a pretty quick one so she didn't get bored either.  

Give it a try with your toddler.

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  1. so cute! love the craving post too and sweet granola bars.